Tube Laser Cutting, after bending or before bending, is one of Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP) advanced capabilities. Our Tube Laser Cutting ability allows us to laser cut holes, slots, and end cuts in tube before or after bending utilizing 3D CNC 6-Axis Laser Cutting and In-Line Tube Laser Cutting.

Complete Tube Laser Cutting either before or after bending

  • In-line Tube Laser cutting up to 16" OD round and 11.8" square tubing.
  • CNC 6-Axis Laser cutting for larger tubing and for laser cutting after bending and forming.
  • Capable of cutting many types of steel including carbon and stainless steel.

In-Line Tube Laser Cutting

  • Capacity for up to 16" OD round or 11.8" square steel tubing with wall thickness up to .5".
  • Perfect for efficiently producing straight parts with holes, irregular shaped slots and copes, and compound angle end cuts.

Using a 3D 6-Axis laser allows laser cutting after bending and/or forming

This is crucial in many applications in order to prevent hole deformation and/or to prevent the material from tearing. When the application demands precision coping or end cutting after bending, we can hold tight tolerances by laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Large Diameter Tubing

The 6-Axis lasers are not constrained by the tube diameter or length limitations imposed by the in-line machines. We can laser cut parts that are much larger and longer. One of our largest parts is a 36 foot long 9"x7" tube with numerous slots and holes.

3D solid and surface-based CAD programming

Off-line programming and cutting simulation helps to eliminate trial and error set-up, thus minimizing scrapped parts.

We machine all shapes of tubing, including:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Specialty shapes

We can fabricate tube using a variety of materials:

  • Carbon & Alloy Steel
  • Aluminum
  • ROPS
  • Stainless Steel

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