At Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP) we have the capability of designing and building our own custom tooling and fixtures. We build most of our tooling in-house. This reduces lead time and ensures quality by maintaining strict quality control over this essential function.

Why this is important to our customers:

  • Response time: We can usually develop and build the tooling more quickly in-house than if we sub-contract.
  • Quality: In-house, we can closely control quality through all phases of development and production.
  • Cost: Producing tooling in-house saves $$$, for us and for you.

The types of tooling that we produce include:

  • Custom Bend Tooling
    • Bend dies, clamp dies, and pressure dies
    • Wiper dies
    • Mandrels
  • Weld fixtures
  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Press dies
  • Poke Yokes and check fixtures
  • CNC 5-Axis Laser Fixtures

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