Don’t limit your office furniture selection to what’s on a showroom floor or in the pages of a catalog. Create workspaces that inspire creativity, productivity and community with assistance from Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP).

From the simplest to most intricate shapes, our team can fabricate quality metal office furniture and components that meet your specifications and design choices at an affordable price. We are able to fabricate products from a variety of tubing shapes, including square, round, oval, D-shape and rectangle.

Quality processes, advanced equipment and a veteran workforce allow STP to accommodate most custom design requests without delay. Our capabilities include precision CNC cutting, tube bending, machining and drilling services, tube laser cutting, robotic and hand welding, tube end finishing, hydraulic and mechanical press work and custom tooling.

Successful production of metal office furniture and components requires stringent quality protocols that begin before fabrication. At STP, we purchase material from reputable suppliers and verify compliance upon arrival. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every product surpasses customer specifications and verifies the accuracy of each order prior to shipment.

Begin producing your dream office furniture by partnering with STP. Offering flexible solutions tailored to the customer, we have the expertise, equipment and supply chain network needed to satisfy customers.

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