Produce tough, resilient metal parts and assemblies with innovative carbon and alloy steel tube bending and fabrication services from Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP).

Carbon and alloy steels are hard, which offers strong abrasion resistance and shape retention. They can withstand significant force before deforming. Most carbon and alloy steels are brittle and will crack or bend under extreme stress.

Bring your carbon and alloy steel part or assembly design into production with assistance from STP. We can source, fabricate and deliver reliable carbon and alloy steel products in accordance with customer requirements quickly and at a competitive price.

Carbon & Alloy Steel Tube Bending & Fabrication

Our service capabilities include precision CNC cutting, carbon and alloy steel tube bending, machining and drilling services, tube laser cutting, robotic and hand welding, tube end finishing, hydraulic and mechanical press work and custom tooling. Equipped with innovative equipment and a skilled workforce, we can carry out build-to-print projects with precision, accuracy and responsiveness.

Industries that use carbon and alloy steel products include home and office furniture, agriculture, fitness equipment, retail fixtures, construction, lighting and outdoor power equipment.

STP strives to continually understand customer needs, innovate our processes and improve the ability to deliver excellent products through our carbon and alloy tube bending and fabrication services. We are committed to producing high-quality carbon and alloy steel products that exceed customer expectations.