Obtain the ideal rectangular metal tubing part or assembly for your application with meticulous Original Equipment Manufacturer tubing fabrication services from Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP).

We offer turnkey rectangular metal part and welded assembly fabrication services processed to your specifications. As an industry authority in accurate cut-to-length and fabricated metal products, our team can fabricate quality products at a competitive price.

Our capabilities include precision CNC cutting, tube bending, machining and drilling services, tube laser cutting, robotic and hand welding, tube end finishing, hydraulic and mechanical press work and custom tooling. Our materials include carbon and alloy steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We build our tooling to incredibly tight tolerances to ensure maximum finished product repeatability and integrity. With the precision tooling, craftsmanship and work instructions available at STP, our team can consistently achieve superb rectangular tube bending and fabrication quality.

Rectangle Tube Bending

STP’s rectangular tube bending and welded assembly fabrication services are ideal for customers who don’t have the capacity or equipment needed for project completion, are facing tight deadlines, seeking to reduce expenses or pursuing tasks outside of their specialization. Automotive, furniture, appliance, sporting goods, construction and temporary building applications commonly use rectangular tubing.

Free up floor space, streamline processes and reduce expenses by partnering with our team for your rectangle tube bending and fabrication services.