Superior Tube Products (STP), an ESP International company specializing in high quality fabricated tubing parts and welded assemblies announced the purchase of a new Criterion 5-Axis Twin Head Bender. The significant investment in equipment, shortly after the investment of their Mazak 6-Axis Laser Cutter, confirms the willingness to innovate, reduce organizational and operational complexity, improve quality and repeatability, and quickly understand the market and customer needs.

STP is one of seven in the US to own this bender; making its capabilities and benefits extremely unique.

The 5-Axis Twin Head Bender allows for the high-efficiency production of parts. Producing two bends simultaneously and two tubes per cycle; the bender is ideal for high-speed manufacturing of symmetrical shapes; including handles, furniture, and frames of many varieties. In the correct application, production rates are 2 - 5 times faster than other bending processes.

Another advancement is in quality: The new bender has mobile heads instead of the traditional process where the tube is moved. This feature, in addition to pin alignment, maintains the centering of each tube; thus, ensuring bend location symmetry every time. Symmetrical bends equal less setup time, in-process adjustments, labor, and defects.

“We are excited to expand our operational efficiency and quality with the new bender,” says Jeff Albright, President, ESP. “And will continue to look for ways to push the envelope with state-of-the-art machinery. The twin bender helps maintain our high-level of service for the demands of our customers and complements our other investments in the categories of in-house tooling, robotic weldment, and laser cutting.

The Criterion 5-Axis Twin Head Bender accepts tubes up to 1.25” OD, both round and square profiles and several materials. For more information, please call 563-285-1914.