CNC Tube Machining & Drilling Services

Obtain parts that fit, form, and function as intended for your Original Equipment Manufacture application with CNC machining and drilling services from Superior Tube Products. We’re an Iowa-based manufacturing solutions provider that specializes in turnkey machining and drilling for OEMs and their supply chain partners.

Precisely machined parts are pivotal to the success of all types of products, from medical equipment to electronic devices and exercise machines. One nonconforming component can degrade final assembly performance, safety, and reliability.

Machining, Drilling, Turning Capabilities

A suite of spindle drills gives our operators the edge producing components that meet exacting client drawings or specifications. Our CNC drilling capabilities include:

  • Y-Axis
  • Sub spindle
  • Active tooling
  • Can turn, thread, and drill on multiple axes
  • Equipped with 12-foot bar feed

CNC Drilling Machines

Our facility has multiple CNC vertical machining centers and lathes, which enable us to accommodate a range of raw material sizes, shapes, and types.

  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • Two Lathes, including a Samsung SL-25ASY CNC Turning Center
  • Multiple Spindle Drills

CNC Lathes

  • Our latest addition: Samsung SL-25ASY CNC Turning Center
  • Y-Axis | Sub spindle | Active Tooling
  • It can turn, thread, and drill on multiple axes
  • Equipped with 12 foot bar feed

Machining Center Capabilities

  • 120" x 32" x 30" Cube (VF-10)
  • Lengths up to 120" without repositioning (VF-10)
  • Width up to 32" without repositioning (VF-7 and VF-10)
  • Up to 30" height (VF-7 and VF-10)
  • Maximum weight 4,000 pounds
  • 120" x 32" x 30" cube
  • Lengths up to 120”, without repositioning
  • Width up to 32”, without repositioning

Benefits of CNC Machining and Drilling

Computer Numeric Control machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools. Commonly called CNC machining, this process is used to control a range of complex equipment like drills, lathes, mills, and routers.

A skilled employee programs software when using CNC machines. With conventional machining, the employee performs all setup and operation tasks. CNC machining offers a variety of advantages over the manual method.

  • Production throughput
  • Scalability
  • Uniformity
  • Less labor
  • Lower costs

Fast, accurate, and adaptable, these CNC machines produce dimensionally precise parts with high accuracy and efficiency. Using CNC machined and drilled parts will improve OEM end product quality and delivery to market.

CNC Machining & Drilling Shapes

STP is the industry leader in custom, fast-turnaround CNC machining and drilling services. We can handle just about everything, but our area of expertise is the efficient machining and drilling of close-tolerance shapes.

Whether your application requires hard or soft metals with thin or thick walls, STP has the expertise and craftsmanship necessary to deliver quality custom metal machining and drilling services. We fabricate metal components and welded assemblies from your designs using a variety of materials.

Many applications need parts that require accurate, consistent, and intricate dimensions to fit, form, and function as intended. The technology is designed to achieve machining accuracy within .0001”, which can benefit a variety of industries.

Your OEM Parts Source

At STP, we’re your strategic partner for precision CNC machining and drilling. Our CNC machinists combine elements of mechanical design, technical know-how, mathematics, and computer programming to produce tight-tolerance, high-performance parts in a clean, professional environment.

We purchase material from reputable suppliers and verify compliance upon arrival. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every product surpasses customer specifications. Every order is audited for accuracy before shipment.

With STP, you can trust you’ll receive the quick turnaround of high-quality products at a competitive price.

Give us a call for additional information about our CNC machining and drilling services.