The MSD Pledge

Superior Tube Product Receives National Safety Council Distinction for Commitment to Worker Wellbeing

Musculoskeletal disorders, or MSDs, are the most common workplace injury, impacting both employee wellbeing and business efficiencies. STP received the National Safety Council MSD Pledge Charter Member Badge for its leadership and commitment to reducing this widespread safety challenge.

MSD Pledge Charter Member BadgeThe MSD Pledge was developed by the Council's MSD Solutions Lab, a groundbreaking initiative established in 2021 to prevent MSDs by engaging key stakeholders, conducting research, and sharing innovative solutions to benefit all workplaces and workers. In total, there are more than 170 charter MSD Pledge members representing more than 2.7 million employees across every major global continent.

MSD Pledge Charter Member Badge

By signing the MSD Pledge, STP builds on its ongoing commitment to worker wellbeing and joins other top organizations around the globe in this promise to:

  • Analyze the causes of MSD injuries and invest in solutions and practices that reduce worker risks.
  • Leverage innovations and share learnings that improve safety practices.
  • Build a culture of safety where everyone, at every level, is accountable for the safety and health of workers.
  • Collectively reduce MSD risk and subsequent injuries across the pledge community by 25% by 2025.

MSDs, such as tendinitis, back strains and sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome, affect nearly one-quarter of the world's population and are the leading cause of worker disability, involuntary retirement, and limitations to gainful employment.

They're also costly. According to the 2023 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, workplace injuries – of which MSDs are the largest category – cost businesses more than $1 billion a week in workers' compensation and lost productivity.

To learn more about the MSD Pledge, the MSD Solutions Lab, or the risks associated with MSDs, visit nsc.org/msd