Tube Bending Services

Take your OEM application to the next level with CNC tube bending services from Superior Tube Products. We are an industry-leading metal tube bending solutions provider that specializes in the production of conventional and custom shapes for challenging applications. 

From protecting vehicle occupants to helping athletes improve fitness, metal tubing plays a vital societal role. Occasionally, applications need tubing to turn or bend at unique angles for optimized performance.

Tube & Pipe Shapes Available

When you need metal tubing bent correctly, and it must be done quickly, there’s no better choice than STP. With decades of experience, we provide high-quality tubing products bent to precise tolerances on time and at a competitive price using Computer Numeric Control equipment. Our specialty is the precision CNC tube bending of the following tubing types.

CNC tube bending is an automated process, which eliminates trial and error. Not only does CNC tube bending ensure a high-quality product, but it can achieve the same result repeatedly.

Bend radii can be set to fit necessary specifications, and you can rely on our machines to bend accurately every time a tube is run through them. Tubes are checked afterward by a technician, which cuts down on labor costs for your project.

Range of Sizes

We bend both small mechanical tubing and larger, structural tubing.

    • Round:
      • Maximum 10" diameter
      • Up to .25" wall thickness
    • Square:
      • Maximum 7"
      • Up to .25" wall thickness
    • Rectangle:
      • Maximum 8" x 6"
      • Up to .25" wall thickness


Tube bending is sometimes described as a mysterious process with unavoidable trial and error. If you know what you’re doing, as we at STP do, then it’s all science. A successful tube bending process starts with materials from which you work.

Our team of experts has a thorough understanding of material characteristics and the best methods of bending them. While we can bend just about any metal type, here are ones with which we often work.

Ensure you have the optimal material for your application, thereby minimizing costs and failure chances, with support from STP. If you’re unsure which material type is best, our team can help.


Our team knows bends must be precise, and there’s no room for error. We have vast experience providing bent metal tubing products to customers in an array of business sectors.

The Criticality Of Quality Metal Bending

OEMs and their suppliers require tubing to turn at unique angles for a variety of reasons, such as improving process media flow, creating aesthetic appeal, and supporting heavyweight or oversized loads. The hollow nature of tubing also enables wiring to be placed inside, protecting against unwanted contact.

Transforming metal into intricate shapes isn’t easy. Tubing doesn’t bend effortlessly and is hard to fabricate to precise tolerances. The following defects can occur from substandard bending processes.

  • Rippling
  • Wrinkling
  • Cracking
  • Flattening
  • Splitting
  • Wall thinning
  • Buckling
  • Galling
  • Scoring
  • Dragging

Using poorly bent metals for your OEM application has risks. A defect reduces the material’s aesthetic appeal and could weaken its structural integrity. Lost structural stability is hazardous and can result in injury, unwanted downtime, leaks when intended to transport fluids or gases, and lost revenue

Work With Us

Delivering high-quality OEM products to marketplaces around the world isn’t easy. The conditions are unforgiving, hours are long, and challenges are enormous. When partnering with STP for your tube bending needs, one thing you don’t need to worry about is your bent metal products.

We purchase material from reputable suppliers and verify compliance upon arrival. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every product surpasses customer specifications. Every order is audited for accuracy before shipment.

Contact us for more information about CNC tube bending.