Custom Tube Bending Tooling

Outsourcing is an efficient way to obtain precision tubing components and welded assemblies for critical Original Equipment Manufacture applications. Receiving parts with consistent characteristics requires not only a knowledgeable and dedicated fabricator, but high-quality tooling as well.

At Superior Tube Products, we deliver tubing parts and welded assemblies that fit, form, and function as intended on time, every time by designing and fabricating custom tooling and fixturing in-house. This reduces costs and curbs lead times while strictly controlling quality, all of which are critical aspects passed onto the OEMs and their supply chain partners that we proudly serve. We provide custom tube bending tooling to produce the perfect tube for your project.

Industries Served

Custom Tooling Importance

As a tube or pipe is being bent, the exterior wall at the point of the bend begins to stretch and thin out. Simultaneously, the corresponding interior segment of the workpiece becomes thicker and more compressed. Controlling these degrees of physical deformation is essential for creating smooth rounded bends.

Although many tubing manufacturing processes are automated and function under computer parameters, tooling is critical for efficient tube and pipe bending, presswork, and fabrication. Selecting tool material and setup, such as the particular configurations of a mandrel, die set, or wiper, greatly influences bending results and production rates.

Tooling Made in House

STP is a single-source, full-service facility that offers reliable, quick-turnaround build-to-print services. By designing and manufacturing custom tooling and fixturing under the same roof where production occurs, we can produce finished parts and welded assemblies with unmatched precision. Additional advantages of manufacturing tooling and fixturing in-house includes:

  • Response time
  • Quality
  • Cost

Designing and building tooling in-house is faster and more affordable than contracting the activity to a sub-supplier. Additionally, keeping the process at our facility enables keen-eyed inspectors to control quality through all phases of development and production.

At STP, we can develop and manufacture tooling and fixturing for just about any application. Common types that we produce most often include:

  • Custom bend tooling
  • Bend dies, clamp dies, and pressure dies
  • Wiper dies
  • Mandrels
  • Weld fixtures
  • Mechanical and hydraulic press dies
  • Poke yokes and check fixtures
  • CNC five-axis laser fixtures

Critical Jobs Require Serious Suppliers

Supplier components can positively or negatively impact the performance of your product. Higher quality increases customer satisfaction and decreases returns, which adds cash to your bottom line. Part turnaround, however, minimizes downtime and increases speed to market.

STP is serious about both quality and turnaround time. That’s why we design and manufacture fixturing and tooling in-house. Products fabricated with our tooling and fixturing are used in a variety of challenging environments.

STP understands your project can’t afford to miss benchmarks, whether it’s product quality or delivery. By combining innovative equipment with skilled personnel and in-house tooling, we can meet your needs.

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