When fabricating metal assemblies, one weak component can negatively impact the functionality and reliability of your final product. Receive accurate Original Equipment Manufacturer parts and welded assemblies from Superior Tube Products, Inc. (STP).

Precision Measuring Equipment Tube Shapes

From the simplest to most intricate shapes, STP will source, fabricate and supply your product with the utmost attention to detail and at a competitive price.

  • Square
  • Round
  • Oval
  • D-Shape
  • Rectangle
  • Custom Shape

Precision Measuring Equipment Tube Materials

We can fabricate Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) metal components and welded assemblies from your designs using a variety of materials, including carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Carbon & Alloy Steel – Carbon and alloy steels are affordable and good to cut, bend and weld, but can rust without treatment.
  • Aluminum Aluminum is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to cut, but offers a reduced tensile strength.
  • Stainless Steel Stainless steel is strong, resists corrosion and can be fabricated into complex shapes.

Precision Measuring Equipment Tube Fabrication

An extensive quality process ensures products we fabricate meet or exceed even the toughest customer standards and requirements. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment, including FaroArm coordinate measuring machines, to confirm part dimensions and produce detailed reports. FaroArm technology enables accurate and repeatable product quality verification by performing 3D inspections, tool certifications, computer-aided-design comparison, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering.

When fabricating components and metal assemblies, selecting the right materials is key. A robust quality system and dedicated quality staff ensure only the best materials make the cut. We can source materials that meet your precision measuring equipment tube bending and fabrication requirements. Strong relationships with suppliers enable us to provide industry-leading material traceability.

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer product and metal assembly fabricator, STP is committed to providing quality products that satisfy client needs. We view customers as long-term business partners, and our team will do its best to make that relationship successful. Contact us today for your precision measuring equipment tube bending and fabrication services.