Demanding applications require heightened weld quality and consistency to perform optimally.

Improve your application with precision robotic and hand welding services from Superior Tube Products. By combining unmatched technical expertise with a relentless problem-solving focus, we deliver innovative and market-leading fabrication solutions for critical jobs. 

Services We Provide 

STP is an Iowa-based manufacturing solutions provider that offers turnkey robotic and hand welding for OEMs and their supply chain partners. We not only fabricate tubing parts but can also assemble them as tube weldments using solid-state pulse welding technology. This offers a range of benefits for OEMs.

  • Shorter lead times
  • Greater precision
  • Heightened efficiency 
  • Less downtime

At OEM production facilities, time is money. When core processes such as final product assembly, inspection, and shipping must wait on primary processes like component fabrication and subassembly, it can lead to unnecessary non-productive periods, missed benchmarks, and reduced revenues. When STP handles assembly and welding of tubing, parts and subassemblies arrive ready for further processes.

Our Process 

We join tubing by robot or hand using solid-state pulse welding technology. It’s a welding process in which two workpieces are joined under pressure at a temperature below their melting point. Bonding of the materials is a result of interface atom diffusion.

Joints produced by solid-state welding are free of solidification defects such as gas porosity, hot cracking, and nonmetallic inclusions. Filler metals, flux, and shielding gases are not required. Additional benefits include:

  • No wide heat-affected zone  
  • The weld appearance is more sumptuous
  • No distortion 
  • Easy to join different material types 
  • Mechanical properties of weld are similar to parent metals
  • Reduced splatter
  • Cost-effective

Solid-state welding is suited for applications that require the joining of dissimilar metals or fine surface finishes, since melting and faying is unnecessary. This welding technique is perfect for a range of materials. 

  • Round
  • Square
  • D-shape
  • Rectangle
  • Flat
  • Oval
  • Teardrop
  • Custom shapes

We have two models of robotic welders. This ensures efficiency and consistency across all welded products.

Work With Us

Outsourcing the production of components and subassemblies to many suppliers is cost-prohibitive. Transit between locations is expensive while managing administration and regulatory considerations is challenging.

When partnering with STP, your supply chain is streamlined. We can machine and bend tubing components and join them together with solid-state welding, which consolidates processes under one roof. Our facility is also centrally located, which improves turnaround time. Robotic and hand welding services can benefit clients across an array of industries.

As a skilled welding service provider, STP is strategically positioned — both geographically and operationally — to help OEMs develop products faster, increase speed to market, and maintain a competitive edge.

Our capabilities include Robotic and Hand Welding

  • Utilizing a single source for parts fabrication and assembly welding saves you time and money in getting your end product to the market.
  • We have 2 different models of robotic welders.
  • Robotic welding assures efficiency and consistency in all welded products.

Whether Robotic or Hand Welding is used, you can be assured of getting the highest quality product

  • State of the art pulse welding equipment produces minimal distortion and reduced spatter.
  • Solid state electronic welding equipment, operated by certified welders, assures accuracy and consistency on a variety of metals.
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