While size and material type are important when choosing tubing components, the condition of tubing ends can be equally essential. Unfinished pipe ends or those with imperfections can cause fitment issues, damage, and reduced functionality.

Improve the performance of tubing components for your Original Equipment Manufacture application with tube end finishing services from Superior Tube Products. We are an industry-leading metal tube and pipe fabrication solutions provider that specializes in the production of conventional and tailor-made components for challenging applications.

Why Finish Tube Ends?

End finishing improves a tube’s surface finish and ensures close-tolerance fitment. This will substantially improve the physical properties of the material in terms of compression, tension, bending, and torsion. Additional advantages include:

  • Reduced processing time
  • Better product quality
  • Significant material savings
  • Reduced setup time
  • Fewer production steps

Streamline Your Supply Chain

STP is the industry leader in custom, fast-turnaround tube end finishing for OEMs and their supply chain partners. We offer a variety of tube end finishing and fabrication services to ensure all of your tubing requirements are met under one roof. 

By working with one company that can manufacture your product from start to finish, we can provide you with quality assurance and scheduling advantages to keep your projects on track. Our tube end finishing capabilities include:

  • Crimping
  • Coping
  • Pre-Weld Chamfering

The STP Advantage 

STP provides machining, welding, and fabrication services for a range of applications in many industries. Products we make are found in electronics, lawn and garden tools, exercise equipment, medical devices, and retail fixtures, among others. We can handle just about everything, but our area of expertise is the fabrication of the following close-tolerance shapes.

  • Round
  • Square
  • D-shape
  • Rectangle
  • Flat oval
  • Teardrop
  • Custom shapes

We have the expertise and craftsmanship necessary to deliver quality tube end-finishing services, whether your application requires hard or soft metals with thin or thick walls. Our veteran team can fabricate metal components and welded assemblies from your designs using a variety of materials.

Work With Us 

When it comes to fabricating a high-level assembly, a manufacturer may have dozens, if not hundreds, of parts that require significant workforce hours to make. Obtaining tubing with ends ready for additional processes optimizes production and streamlines delivery to market.

Free your workforce to focus on their primary functions by partnering with STP for custom finishing of tubing ends.

Contact us to learn more about our tube end finishing services.