Improve the performance of your OEM application with high-value tubing fabrication services from Superior Tube Products. We are an industry-leading manufacturing solutions provider that concentrates on the production of conventional and custom metal tubing components and welded assemblies for demanding projects.

Your Design Realized

STP is a single-source, full-service facility that offers reliable, quick-turnaround build-to-print services for OEMs and their supply chain partners. By combining innovative equipment with skilled personnel and a quality-first mindset, we produce high-performing parts and assemblies found in applications across an array of industries. Our capabilities include:

Offering a full suite of tube fabrication solutions helps streamline OEM supply chains by consolidating procurement, manufacturing, and inspection under one roof. With us, you know what stage of manufacture parts are at, how much inventory is available, and where finished goods are headed.

Tubing Fabrication, Done Right

STP specializes in fast-turnaround tubing fabrication services. Our area of expertise is the manufacture of precision parts and welded assemblies from the following tubing shapes.

The marketplace is full of businesses touting great products. The materials chosen for an OEM application can create a competitive edge by affecting functionality, performance, manufacturability, environmental impact, and cost. At STP, we work with a variety of materials.

Here To Help

When it comes to tubing fabrication, quality is paramount. Poorly manufactured parts and welded assemblies are prone to premature failure, which can cause expensive recalls, elicit negative customer feedback, harm company perception, and, ultimately, hurt the bottom line.

Products our team has fabricated are used in demanding environments, from construction projects to power equipment, and many things in between. We provide tubing fabrication services to customers across a range of industries.

STP purchases material from reputable suppliers and verifies compliance upon arrival. Our quality control team uses precise testing and inspection equipment to ensure every product surpasses customer specifications. Every order is audited for accuracy before shipment.

Let Us Do Your Work

When it comes to building a high-level assembly, an OEM may have dozens, if not hundreds, of parts that require significant workforce hours to manufacture. Having to make more than one complex assembly on a deadline ties up even more resources.

Free your crews to focus on their primary functions by having STP perform critical tubing fabrication processes for you. Typically, outsourcing these processes costs noticeably less than manufacturing in-house. These savings are realized by reducing:

  • Labor costs
  • Equipment purchases
  • Training
  • Maintenance costs
  • Distractions
  • Redundancy costs

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